Necturus sp. cf. beyeri
East Gulf Coast Waterdog
Synonyms Necturus sp. cf. alabamensis
Origin USA: AL, FL

This species is currently undescribed, and some sources still consider it to be N. alabamensis. However, this waterdog differs markedly in appearance from N. alabamensis. This undescribed waterdog has also been named as N. beyeri.

The ground color is dark brown to almost black. It is heavily spotted above and on the sides, while the belly is unspotted. The body is cylindrical, while N. alabamensis is flattened. Like all Necturus, this species has four toes on all feet and bright red external gills. The young have no stripes and are similar in appearance to the adults. Size is 13 - 20 cm (5 - 8 in).

Found in southern Alabama and the Florida panhandle. The type specimen of a waterdog called N. lodingi was taken from Mobile, Alabama. The name N. lodingi is currently considered to be a synonym for N. alabamensis, but it may be reassigned to this undescribed population.

Found in small to medium sized streams with accumulations of leaves along the bottom.

This is a fairly common species, and they are occasionally seen for sale in the pet trade, often under the names N. alabamensis, N. beyeri, Necturus sp. cf beyeri, and various common names. Captive breeding of this species has been reported; see forum thread.

Necturus sp.
Necturus sp., Mobile, AL.
Necturus sp.
Necturus sp., Florida panhandle.
Necturus sp. habitat
Necturus habitat, Florida panhandle.

Necturus sp.
Necturus sp., Mobile, AL.

Necturus sp.
Necturus sp., Florida panhandle.


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