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The sad thing is that its already extinct. Pseudoeurycea aquatica was the only aquatic bolitoglossine salamander discovered to date. All other bolitoglossine salamanders are terrestrial with direct developement of eggs. P. aquatica is a member of the P. gadovii group and is apparently closely related to P. smithi. The salamander was collected in a stream and only three specimens were ever collected. When the collecting team returned one year later to look for more specimens the site had been clear cut and the stream was choked with burned logs and ashes destroying all of the habitat. They returned again four years and then again five years later and the habitat was still badly degraded and no specimens were located.
Wake, David B., Campbell, Johnathen, An aquatic plethodontid salamander from Oaxaca, Mexico, Herpetologica 57(4): 509-514

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