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Default Re: Whiteworms

This is how I raise them: in a plastic container (I've tried tanks for cultures, and they don't seem to work for me) with a few drill holes for air. I stuff a bit of sponge or foam through the holes, so that other bugs can't contaminate the cultures. I put in soil that I've sterilized in the microwave (garden soil I buy from a Home Depot type store, with no additives). For whiteworms, I just feed them bread. I bury a piece under the soil (to keep it from getting moldy) once a week, or whenever there is no bread left, it's pretty usually once a week. But when I get a request to buy a culture, I put another piece in. The bread feeds them and also attracts them, so in a couple days, where the bread is will have a bunch of worms around it, making it easier to get them out to send. Otherwise they are throughout the soil, because I also sometimes add baby oatmeal and stir it throughout. I use the baby oatmeal because I also raise springtails, and that's what I feed them, and since I have it around, I add some of that as well. I keep three going at once, in case one crashes, (which hasn't happened though, since I finally got the knack of raising them, it didn't happen right away). When I have extra bread-type food, I'll use that too (ex. extra Xmas cookies, Xmas fruitcake, Xtra donuts, graham crackers, etc). But otherwise usually I buy whole-wheat pita bread or whole-wheat tortillas.

After a few times of trying, when my cultures died or got bugs, this worked. I did get some mites at one point, which totally grossed me out and I threw out my cultures. However, I've learned to tolerate them occasionally, I think they come when I've fed them too much. It's just a feel. They are pretty much mite-free, though I occasionally see a couple, I think they're unavoidable. If anyone disagrees, please say so, I'm still learning.

And that's all I know in a nutshell, and it's been working.

update: I don't bother sterilizing dirt anymore. I just use herp bedding (jungle carpet, eco earth, or something similar. It's lighter and fluffier than regular dirt).

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