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Default Re: Chat Event Results and Chat Log

First of all, I'd like to say thank you, Johnny, for your efforts in planning and hosting such a great event!

I found that bringing together our caudate enthusiast community for the purposes of discussing the caudate issues/topics that interest us to be very stimulating and rewarding. Additionally, it was really great to get to know everyone better via a live chat environment versus the posting atmosphere that we are all so used to.

Though I was unable to attend the second chat event (), I thoroughly enjoyed the axie discussion. I do agree that topics should be narrowed down a bit further. Going in, I was unsure that there were enough questions to fill the time. What I found, however, was exactly the opposite!

Nevertheless, I learned a great deal and think this was a very worth while event. I look forward to future chat sessions

P.S. I read through the chat session I missed and didn't see any discussion on the question you posed, Johnny. What are the differences between terrariums, vivariums, paluadiums, and aquariums?

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