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They are ok for maybe some odd ball dimensions, but I would not build a newt room around their tanks. One simple fact that most people overlook is warranty. This is taken directly from their site:

"If the aquarium is defective within ninety (90) days from the date of purchase, return it to LLC, along with sales receipt. Provided the aquarium has no broken or chipped glass or altered sealant, LLC, will replace the aquarium at no charge, shipping not included."

90 days is nothing for a tank warranty, unless we are talking about little tanks. Not to mention you are responsible for packing it up, shipping it, and paying for return shipping. Maybe you can meet one of there trucks at a show in their delivery schedule for return, but it doesn't say.

For standard footprint glass aquariums, Aqueon/All Glass is King. They use thicker glass than most manufactures, have a great warranty, and are available almost anywhere. If for some reason you need to return a tank for warranty, all you have to do is bring it to your local shop and they will issue a return, no questions asked. A lot easier than trying ship a tank!

Aqueon/All Glass Warranty:

Aquariums - Glass 14 and Smaller 90 Days
Aquariums - Glass 15 55 5 Years
Aquariums - Glass 65 and Larger Lifetime

Just a thought to remember...
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