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Default Re: How should be supported?

Originally Posted by SludgeMunkey View Post
Then again, there is always the option of a membership fee to gain access to advanced topics and the like. I mean, heck, 20 bucks a head for a years worth of what was formerly known as Donor Level Access seems pretty fair to me.

An additional option is to create a species cares sheet database in PDF format and make it available for sale to pet shops and educators for a fair price. ( Facetious Example: The Complete Newt And Salamander Reference Library 39.95 Downloaded, 49.99 CD ROM, Individual Care Sheets 99 cents each downloaded. Discounts for Educators and Non Profits)
I hate, hate, hate this idea. With the passion of a thousand fiery suns.

I'd love for us to sell a book, but to close off advanced topics except to people who pay or taking all the care sheets off the net and just selling them instead is horrible. Our purpose here is to provide information to people. I feel that anytime we put obstacles in the way of that information we are doing a great disservice.

I donated $10US quarterly before my paypal account went wonky and it stopped. I would be more than willing to begin donating at this level again to ensure this place as ad free.

I wouldn't even mind advertisements, even completely random ones like those from google ads. But if the site took this hyper commercialized tack that Johnny suggests I would be appalled. In fact I want to start a whole rant right now about how stupid I think that idea.

If there is going to be any "Pay for benefits" type memberships the only one I want to see is the "pay a membership to not see the ads."
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