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Default 2010 Grant: Preliminary Poll

The applications for the 2010 Ark grant have been received. There are 7 grant applications. This year, we are allowing everyone to vote. Please note that we are looking for informed decisions, so please do not choose until you have read all the applications. The applications appear as attachments to this message (see below).

The Applications
Please read the applications before casting your vote.

  1. Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) habitat preference within conservation refuges
  2. A Comparison of Amphibian Communities between Natural Ponds and Constructed Ponds of Multiple Age Classes: Evaluating Conservation and Mitigation Implications
  3. Uncovering Genetic Diversity of a Salamander Species Restricted to a Critically Threatened Habitat (Eurycea aquatica)
  4. The Southern Appalachian Ethno-habitat: Cryptobranchus alleganiensis and Cherokee Cultural Factors as Healthy Ecosystem Indicators.
  5. Rapid adaptation in an island population of Salamandra salamandra
  6. Recovery of Salamander species in Jiwani Coastal belt District Gwadar Balochistan, Pakistan
  7. Ecology, distribution and conservation of the Himalayan Salamander, Tylototriton verrucosus
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Axolotl_habitat.pdf (435.0 KB, 576 views)
File Type: pdf Constructed_ponds.pdf (114.6 KB, 420 views)
File Type: pdf E_aquatica.pdf (257.8 KB, 458 views)
File Type: pdf Hellbender.pdf (182.5 KB, 282 views)
File Type: pdf island_Salamandra.pdf (215.5 KB, 265 views)
File Type: pdf salamanders_Pakistan.pdf (11.9 KB, 330 views)
File Type: pdf Tverrucosus_corrected.pdf (232.4 KB, 488 views)
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