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Unhappy Re: Scientific Nomenclature

Originally Posted by Azhael View Post

Chopper, if you wish to make a guide about pronunciation, be my guest, i certainly can´t do it, i wouldn´t know where to start to translate the way i pronounce them into english phonetics O_O The mere thought makes me shudder...

If I knew how to pronounce more than a few of them, I just might, but here is the few I think I have figured out. ( You guys backstop me if you can )
  • Rana, is about as easy as it gets with " ran·a "
  • Dendrobates, ( near as I can figure ) would probably come out as " den·drō··tēs "
  • Caudata - I'm not even totally sure about that one perhaps " caw·dāt·aw " or " caw·daw·taw "
  • Hyla, probably another relatively easy one with " hi·la "
  • Triturus, probably not to bad with " tri·tur·us "
  • Ambystoma, perhaps " am·by·stoma " or " am·be·stoma "
  • Trochus, might be " trō·sh·us "
  • Pseudostomatella, " ··stō·ma·tella "
  • Notophthalmus, to me appears to be " no·tof·thal·mu·s "
That's about it for what I have puzzled out.

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