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Default Re: Tank size for 2 adults (well eventually they'd be adults)

Originally Posted by mewsie View Post
You can post links for us to look at :)

You won't NEED an air pump as such, but mine all LOVE the bubbles from their air stones, they just sit with their chins in the bubbles like a jacuzzi! Plus as a bonus it helps with keeping the oxygen up in the tank, AND keeps it slightly cooler.

I know what you mean about the dedicated look, I spent a fortune on my tank and stand, but it looks like a proper piece of furniture, I love it!

It's difficult to say how the temperature will fluctuate. Bigger tanks will maintain their temperature better, even if we have the heating on most of the day, our tanks rarely raise more than 1 degree c. Thats something you'd have to monitor yourself, and invest in a chiller if it changes wildly or gets about 22ish. I'd reckon its very unlikely you'd need a heater, axies love the cold :)
Thanks :) Link posted above :)

Good to know about the chiller heater so I'll get a tank and do the cycling thing and monitor the temp and see how hot we get and how badly it changes and then get a chiller if required.

So I need the tank, a filter and a temp thingy at the very least (not including all the pH, chlorine, and nitrate test kits). That's not too bad..
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