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Default Re: Tank size for 2 adults (well eventually they'd be adults)

Originally Posted by carsona246 View Post
When they're adults it's pretty hard to get too big. A 30 gallon would be just as too big for babies as a 50. If you hand feed your babies, it really won't be a problem, and most people suggest keeping young axolotls in smaller tanks till they get bigger anyways. I'd suggest a 40 breeder if you can find one for 2 axolotls. The footprint is what matters, and a 40 breeder fish tank has more width than a 50 gallon tank. I'd suggest sticking to the biggest tank you can get. I hand feed my axolotls, so they always swim up to my hand, so feeding them is never a problem for me.
I hand fed my old ones so good to know that's not a problem.

Do you have a link to the tank you're talking about? Do I need to go to a specialty store for it?
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