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Default Re: Tank size for 2 adults (well eventually they'd be adults)

Originally Posted by Kaysie View Post
Chillers aren't very popular in the US. And in Iowa, I don't think you'll need one. It gets hot in the summer, but not for terribly long. You can always use other methods of cooling for the warm months. I'm a big fan of using the air conditioner to cool my tank (not that I get any enjoyment out of it, really!).

As for tanks, yes, you could use similar tanks to the ones the snakes are in. You just need to be mindful that you have an AQUARIUM versus a TERRARIUM. The glass is much thinner on terrariums, and if you fill it full of water, you could break it.

And Petsmart has $1 per gallon sales occasionally. The last one I remember hearing about was in August. They're not widely publicised, but rumor of them spreads like fire! You can ask your local petsmart when they're having one, and you can really make out like a bandit on a tank!
The heat worries me a fair bit. We haven't had a summer in this house yet and we do have central air so I'm pretty confident we'll keep it under control but the last summer here in Iowa (the only one I've experienced) was ****. We were sleeping on the floor at a relatives house (waiting for the sale of our house to go through) and it was SO hot and humid. She only had a window unit and not even in the room we were in. I'm from Aus and heat doesn't normally bother me but damn! That humidity was insane. So I suppose worst case scenario I could buy a fan or put in the window unit (I bought that before I died in my sleep from heat exhaustion at the relatives place).

$1 per gallon you say? That would be AWESOME! Hmmm Okay I'm keeping my eye for that. I just googled and apparently there was one in Jan/Feb this year. I get their emails but rarely read them but apparently reading them I would have been advised of the sale... /sigh. Oh and Petco does it too so a forum said. Eyes peeled and waiting!
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