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Okay, so far of all the "green" caudates that have been suggested (I'm assuming all are captive bred suggestions), we have:
CB crested Triturus
CB Salamandra
CB Pleurodeles waltl
CB Triturus marmoratus
CB Axolotls
CB Taricha
CB Cynops pyrrhogaster

Thanks for all your comments Click the image to open in full size.
I wanted to put together a list so if anyone were interested in this type of information while considering a Caudate as a pet, than they could have this information to avoid the pitfalls of at least one of the main considerations which is the environmental impact of our actions (you know, it's a big topic these days).
If anyone wants to add more to the list of conscious free captives or can elaborate on how one can be certain that the species they aquire is a real captive bred species, then please do! Also, if anyone wants to confess that owning a pet like these can be even more rewarding (for whatever reasons) than owning a more endangered rare species than here's your chance to chime in!
thanks in advance everyone.
Click the image to open in full size.
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