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This thread just put a big smile on my face. I am sure some of you know how I feel about the average person catching wild animals and keeping for pet.

I think this is great, and I always wondered the same. I think maybe, after this list is finilaized and agreed upon, it should become a part of a FAQ's page. I know many people who would rather have these "green" salamanders rather than wild caught guys. I like how this is coming down, for it not only focuses on animals easily and readily available as CB, but also in care and reproduction. I think this thread, if continued to be develope is something we can write up that would be really useful for first time and prospective Caudata guardians. Its always good to encourage these readily available CB that do not have too much of a specialized care for first timers! My vote goes with axolotl. Unless you live in certain areas in Mexico, I doubt you are getting a wild caught axolotl. Very hardy little fellows.

I really think this issue is imporant and should also be addressed on one of the webpages, if it is not already. I do not recall coming across something similar, but I can be wrong.
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