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Default No newts in water...for MONTHS

Alright please check over my old thread that I started a while ago when I thought my problem was water depth.

Max Depth for Cynops Orientalis?

The short-ish version:

Built awesome background from pink foam, great stuff and cement and aquarium grade silicone
Built in compartments that allow for several kinds of filtration (I'm indecisive/change my mind a lot... i like options)
Was using a cooling system ( Using a submersible pond pump and that clear plastic tubing)
Introduced 2 adults(CFBN C/H.Orientalis) in early September and the other 3 small adult & 2 aquatic juveniles about a month later (after they showed they were in fact aquatic)
No one goes for a 'swim' they hang out near the edges of the water but never submerged.

My trouble shooting process:
  • Thought the filter was causing too much current; current drastically reduced (no newts in water)
  • Thought water level was a problem. lowered it for about 2 weeks to about 6 inch depth (no newts in water)
  • Thought Cooling system/filter caused a lot of vibration causing newts to not go in water so I turned it off. (no newts in water)
  • Thought Lights were scaring them turned them off for a week (no newts in water)
  • Thought there wasn't enough stuff on the surface: got plants and floating stuff (no newts in water)
  • Replaced power pump filtration system with air pump filter, since I had removed the power pump ( sponge, carbon, bio surface stuff) (No newts in water)
  • Thought bubbles were too big reduced airflow slowing bubbles. (no newts in water)
  • Tried 3 different set ups for air driven pump. (No newts in water)
  • Tried with and without guppies checking water livability - no dead guppies

I go to work on today, mull over it all day long, drew pictures of different filters, come home get mad, put all 5 in a cycled 10 gallon in the garage.... within an hour 3 of 5 are in the water hunting some black worms.

All water parameters are the same from inside 20 gal tank and garage 10 gal.. only difference is water temperature. Inside tank between 62-68 F and outside more like 58-60 and that i'm only using an air stone, no filter

SERIOUSLY! ARGH!!!!!! but I'm also happy that that confirms there is nothing wrong with the newts.
Even up until this point everyone eats and is an ok weight.

'What could be wrong' Ideas:
I built the tank with cement, I didn't seal it with any kind of epoxy or anything... could be leeching lime? but PH is the same as when it comes out of the tap.

After removing the tubing that went with the cooling/filter system I didn't do a significant water change after that only 10%
Could the tubing have leached chemicals into the water?it was all slimy.

In my set up I used brass screws and zinc plated steel to hold in a cover to the filter system. they weren't in contact with the water until I started using an air driven filter Could that be a culprit?

Could it be the filter? Do I really need to relinquish any kind of filtration and keep to only an air stone (I really really hate the idea of that)

GAAAH I'm at a bit of a loss I could go in and try to fix all of these things but then I will just think of more. So I put it out to everyone else.... HELP!!! I spent a whole lot of money on the build and now my newts wont use it! Discarding it and starting over is not an option.

And I will have to come up with some sort of cooling when the summer arrives but that is a later problem.
All hail the great Salamander!
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