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Default Re: What Is Your Favorite Genus of North American Plethodontids?

As the question was about North American Plethodontids, I am not wondering why Bolitoglossa, Pseudoeurycea, Oedipina, Dendrotriton, Bradytriton etc. were not mentioned.

I have never seen any of those except for pictures, but my favorites have to be Ensatina sp., Batrachoseps (esp. campi, robustus, wrighti) and Aneides flavipunctatus.

If judging on all Plethodontids, I'd really love to have some Bolitoglossa in my hands at some point. Especially Bolitoglossa dofleini, as they are such giant, yet arboreal, sals. Some day I will have to go to central and south america to find them all, like a Pokemon trainer. Such beauty in insularis, mombachoensis, striatula, flavimembris, kaqchikelorum. I just guess they will go extinct or missing before I can go find them
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