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your paludarium looks great. very good for your first i must say. the tannins will always be present in your water no matter how much you change it. the tannins will be very heavy for a long time, but after continual water changes, it will lighten up a bit. it takes a while, but will never fully go away. i have set up many dart frog vivs in this same fasion and i can tell u from experience. the tannins are very beneficial in that they prevent the growth and spread of fungus and other nasty stuff that could harm your newts. i let tannins go nutts in my tanks for that very reason. any experienced fish breeder can tell you this. my advice is to let the tannins build up until the water is very very dark, do a water change, let them build up again, water change and after doing this a few times, the tannins wont come back as strong. then just let it be. it will benefit your newts. good luck and great job once again. take care

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