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Default Re: Axolotl Eggs or Juvenile?

Originally Posted by ZombieAxolotl View Post
Personally i'd do eggs.

You can pick out with ones you want to keep color and personality wise.
You can make sure they are both the same sex so you don't end up having to seperate, or have sibling offspring.
You can sell the "extras" to the local pet shop, or exchange them for store credit to buy food.
Price is cheaper
Shipping is cheaper

You will need to have cultures of daphnia. (you can get a culture of grindle or white worms as a back up food.
and if one of your local stores carries, or will carry blackworms.
You can order all on the internet.

I would buy more eggs then you want. if you are looking at keeping two.. i'd buy a dozen eggs, even 2 dozen possibly. If you can get them cheap or free.
Know that all the eggs will not make it, and don't let it frustrate or upset you.

Carrying for babies is extremely easy.
And even easier if you just don't use BBS hahaha

you are still going to have to source food.

bigger and you are only getting the two

Shipping more expensive
Price more expensive
If they aren't sexable, you have to seperate or have sibling's possibly mating.
I agree with most except for the sexing part. OH an if you are like me who can only get BBS! UGHHH bbs! How I hate you so much! my babies are getting to big I'm having a hard time keeping up with them now. Literally to get anything shipped to me its 30+$ for shipping. no matter how much or how little I get. So BBS is all I can get for live food because I really cant afford the 70+$ for live food cultures online.
With juveniles yes you cant sex them until they are older however with eggs, I do not want to keep 12babies up till adulthood just to keep two of the same sex >.< I would not have the room for that.
I am however keeping two from this batch of eggs, however I will have two tanks so some end up being female/some male I will have a female/male tank :)

Really if the eggs are free why not!
I guess it is a hard decision. I wanted juveniles because I did not want to get attached to the babies and then have the one I want die on me or something like something got into the water and killed them all. The eggs came free with my juvies.
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