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Default Re: Ethical question on runts

Layna, I think it's a site for axolotl (and other amphibian) enthusiasts, but that also covers collectors and people who like to observe their behaviours, and see them less as loved-pets. And there's nothing wrong with that. The site has a scientific bent, not just a forum for pet owners, and a lot of really helpful information comes from people with other approaches to amphibians. They can breed and observe them in numbers pet owners couldn't; more opportunities to learn, and less temptation to sentimentalise.

Smaller, or unlucky larvae, would be picked off in the wild. (One of the other reasons they lay so many eggs; all sorts of predators out there, including each other!) If you're breeding them in those numbers, you can't raise all of them as loved-pets, and so letting them do what comes naturally isn't, from my point-of-view, horrific or sickening.

I'd like to add I won't be letting my axolotls eat each other, and will separate if there's any biting/excessive growth difference. That's because they'll be my pets. But I'm prepared to tolerate other people's approaches, even if they may not be the kindest, and I may not agree with them.

Edit: Or to look at it from another angle, how is letting the runts live with their bigger siblings to be eaten if they're unlucky enough to be predated on any different to keeping feeder fish or shrimp in your axolotl tank, or feeding them live worms?

( I'd even argue for the feeding of pellets of frozen bloodworm; the owner isn't instrumental in the killing of the creatures that made gone in to those products, but another human has called the shots and taken the responsibility for the pet-owner. )

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