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Default Re: Can I use a fluval 404 filter for my axies?


I'm sorry, I thought I had posted a reply for your filter but it doesn't seem to have gone through.

You could get away without bioballs in your filter and just have extra noodles. But I would recommend you try source the media online from ebay or something so that you get all the media you need. Otherwise I would have your filter set up as follows:
Bottom: empty
First (lowest) basket: noodles with a blue sponge (the coarsest sponge you can get)
Second basket: Noodles again with black sponge
Third basket: Noodles with filter wool
Forth basket: carbon if you want to include carbon (note that carbon isn't necessary and I've never bother with it in my filters).

As for buying eggs - its a lot of fun. You get to see them develope and grow and it ensures they are raised how you want them to be. That said, it is a lot of work and I would probably reccommend you get a juvie before eggs as eggs can go terribly wrong terribly easily. If you do enough research and know you will have the time to invest into the eggs though I would go that way.

As for emmyk, she is very lovely and has a very gorgeous lotl but as far as I'm aware she doesn't breed. There are a few very reputable breeders on here though that will ship. And they have a range of sizes from eggs to juvies and all sorts of colours.
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