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Default Re: Can I use a fluval 404 filter for my axies?

Tap water is absolutely no no depending on where you live unless it is treated (aged). For example, I lived on my parents farm for a month with my lotls and because their water is a mixture of spring water and rain water I didn't have a problem using tap water (It hadn't been treated like town supplies and I knew it had no hard metals that would be detrimental to my lotls heath). Now I live in town I need to treat all tap water.

All you have to do though is get a good decholorinator and everytime you do a water change treat it first. Normally people will treat and then let it set a hour or two to bring to room temp and make sure the ager has worked, but this isn't always necessary :)

Foods for freshly hatched include microworms, bbs, daphnia... thats all I can think of atm. Then you can move onto live bloodworms once they are slightly bigger. After that and once they will accept dead food you have a huge range of options :)
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