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Default Michael Shrom=way Above Average Amphibians

I know Michael has a bunch a positive reviews but I really wanted this one to stand out because he deserves it........Ive had a nightmare getting any healthy axlotl eggs for almost a year and several very bad experiences with unprofessional vendors advertising here trying......I'm not a jerk but I am a freak about animals...all of them especially once I accept responsibility of them its a sorta spiritual responsibility to me to be the good shepherd. I mostly breed gilas n beaded professionally nowadays but I also keep a lot of less valuable stuff to share with kids and if I cant try to give very thing equal respect as a life me that's real bad and I wont accept it. So a few folks who don't care about life more than money in a lot a places out there will hate me.....that's why I have a neg rep here n prob why im reluctant to contribute more of my mind to the cause here.........too bad.

Well last week Mr Shrom broke the curse sending me 3 groups a beautiful eggs n a couple het youngsters with perfect professionalism........

Communication was prompt clear n honest all the way through.

The animals were packed very well and professional in insulated boxes with heat pack because it is cold.

everything was clearly labeled in super healthy vigorous and clean

most all my eggs are hatching or developing very well and he gave me a extremely generous over count

Oh one more thing.......his copper/hets are pretty dang outrageous for being wild type as far expression theres something spectacular n pretty different about them besides them being fattys n huge for the price.......

Thanks Michael ya have my recommendation n I look forward to buyin from ya again someday.....peace
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