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Default Re: Do You Like Snails In Your Tank???

It surprises me how accurate n precise my axolotls can be honing in on the smallest snails to eat! They hunt worms when they are the least bit hungry but they will let pellets rot on the tank bottom unless they pass right in front of their face....I don't feed my sallys much pellets at all though so I think they are kinda put out by them.....

I've seen them notice a tiny half a sesame seed size snail in very very carefully stalk them n devour. Very interesting. I can't seem to ever keep a population of snails alive because even when introduced adults come in on plants and manage to lay eggs every baby seems to get its lunch before it grows I started a snail farm tank I throw all my excess duckweed n what not in....I have a couple pretty heavy planted 40 gallon tanks ya would think they could hide in but I actually have a problem with an inch a dead plant matter n moss on the bottom of my tanks cuz I'm afraid to put a goldfish or something to clean up cuz a disease the catfish family is not an option and the snails cant survive......anyone have any ideas for a healthy biological clean up crew in a sally tank besides snails? .......I've introduced scuds a few times but they are devoured super quick too my sallys will tear the tank apart digging them up.....
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