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Default Re: Best type of earthworms for axolotls?

Originally Posted by Geckogal View Post
I have noticed that people say earthworms are the best, but they do not specify what type of earthworm they are feeding.

Which option do you prefer?

Red Wriggler (Eisenia foetida)
European Nightcrawler (Eisenia hortensis)
Canadian Nightcrawler (Lumbricus terrestris)
African Nightcrawler (Eudrilus eugeniae)
Alabama Jumper (Amynthas gracilis)
I can only speak for the Eisenia foetida and the Lubricus terrestris. From a food perspective (i'm feeding axolotls) night crawlers are bigger and tend to not excrete anything that would deter feeding. However I am making the switch to red wigglers because they are super easy to breed and since I'm in school would make my life easier instead of driving every week 30 min to pick up night crawlers. Night crawlers require deep soil and cool spaces and do not breed as often as red wigglers.
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