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Default Re: Pseudotriton ruber breeding success!

Originally Posted by Neotenic_Jaymes View Post
Instead of starting a new thread I'll just add this topic here since its so similar. My Pseudotriton ruber nitidus is laying her batch of eggs as well. She's a familiar face on Caudata. She actually started laying yesterday and I spent most of last night watching her. Took some photos and a short video. Please check it out.

Its hard to distinguish her apart from a P. ruber and to identify her as a Pseudotriton r. nitidus. The video and pics do no justice for identification. Her eggs don't hang from the rocks they stick to it. P. ruber eggs hang from a from the ceiling of the rocks in little sacs and move around with water motion. P. r. nitidus eggs just stick to where ever they are laid.

I find this just incredible,,this is one of my most favorite animals..I'm glad to see I'm on the right track as my setups and feeding are pretty much just like yours ..I have some rocks in them but use just a bare glass bottom..
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