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Default Re: Best type of earthworms for axolotls?

Canadians are seasonal. Euros and Reds are accessible year round. Canadians have to be cut up. I do have some huge Watedogs that can take Canadians, though. But I do not think that most people have animals this big. Euros do not have have to be cut up for sub-adults and adults. I am going to be offering for sale small Euros for smaller newts. I am trying to iron out all the details. The grower that I am getting them from grows nothing but this species worm. I have read that there are 300 Euros to the pound. I am getting feedback from him with counts so I can half way know what to communicate to potential buyers. I will be offering the adult worms for sale, also. But I am focusing on the small ones. Per average estimated counts, there are 2000 mini worms to the pound. So that should give us some idea of what size they are. I guess that I could call them Minnies? Or Minnie Euros? Is there anything out there called Minnies? And also, does this size intrigue any one? Would love to get feed back.
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