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Default Re: Scientific Nomenclature

Axolotls in circulation today are a blend of many ancestral lines, so the nomenclature or calling them "Ambystoma mexicanum" cannot be correct. This blend has been verified both by the historical accounts of the scientists who interbred them to yield what we have today, and by contemporary genetic studies relating to their mechanism of neotany.
Of course if we are talking about the pure lines of neotenic specimens in lake Xochimilco, these are are simply a derivative of the Ambystoma mexicanum terrestrial salamanders native to that part of mexico. Similarly, there are genetically based neotenic variants of A. tigrinum, and A. mavortium found in certain locations in the U.S., but those are not elevated to a species level. Their neotany is just a natural phenomena that can either persist, or cease once they start breeding again with the surrounding terrestrial population. These neotenic unexpressed genes would then simply meld back into the population until they are called for again. That is a neat thing about salamander ecological genetics.
I understand your logical point about, but it doesn't really address a flaw in how we define species, and thus their nomenclature. It just means that there are currently more splitters in the biological community than lumpers.
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