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Default Re: Eurycea cirrigera surprise

I have my 3.3 group set up in a 10 gallon tank. I stack a few rocks over a small pump to generate some moving water and to create plenty of hiding places and there is a land area at one end of the tank with chunks of moss that they can easily hide under. There are also rocks slightly stacked in the water to provide egg laying sites. The gravel and rocks I use are from where I originally collected the salamanders, I have been told that this very helpful and sometimes necessary to get some wild caught species to breed in captivity. But I don't see it being too much of an issue for CB animals.

Most of the year they are kept in my basement which is roughly about 20-25 C. To cool them, they were moved to the garage in late September because it gets much colder in the garage than my basement the temps have gone from very slowly down from about 17 C to 8 C. I also gradually reduced the photo period from 12:12 to 8:16, I use a 14 watt CFL for lighting. They are fed Drosophila hydei, bean weevils, flour beetle larvae, and occasionally small crickets and roach nymphs. I dust most of the feedings with Repashy Calcium Plus and alternate between Vitamin A Plus and Superpig and will occasionally use Herptivite and Rep-cal.

I don't have a picture of the tank at the moment but I can put one up in a day or two.
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