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Originally Posted by sde View Post
Erm, not quite true.
Ever seen Johnny Farnens account of getting poisoned by a N. kaiseri? Yeah, the threat is real. Kaysie ( moderator ) got Tetrodotoxin ( TTX ) from a T. granulosa in here finger, it paralyzed her whole arm and caused "tingling" for hours. And she didn't even see the toxin on the newt. There are multiple other accounts as well. Its no joke, newt toxin is nothing to mess around with, if you have any cuts or open wounds in your hands you would be wise wear gloves when handling your newts. If you hands don't have any cuts or open wounds, then washing after handling should suffice.
Usually they won't secrete any poison unless provoked, even then they may not. But when you are dealing with toxin as powerful as you can find in newts, why risk it? Always wash your hands after handling newts, like manderkeeper says.

Here is Johnny's thread;
Here is Kaysie's account ( scroll down );
Here is a CC link; Caudata Culture Articles - Newt Toxins

Anywho, just thought I would point out that you ought to be careful with newts, they are little toxin packets just waiting to get you
I know I was being very brief, hoping that someone would pick me up on it :)
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