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Default P. waltl fat requirements in diet?

Have there been any feeding trials on ribbed newts to see how well they do with more or less fat in the diet? The reason I ask is that I know they do well on the widely recommended salmon pellets, which are 44% protein, 18% fat. Yet I find Hikari Sinking Carnivore pellets so convenient to feed, I would love to use them as a staple (pricey, but I only have three mouths to feed!) but the fat content is much lower: 47% protein, 5% fat. The only other staple as low in fat is nightcrawlers. Is that lack of fat detrimental to their health? If so, could it be remedied with occasional snacks of waxworms (about 46% fat) or guppies?

Thanks in advance!

Ref: Caudata Culture Articles - Nutritional Values

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