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Default Re: Need some general feeding advice.

hah a fellow petsmart employee, i have used night crawlers from there and had no problems but i would watch for when a new shipment comes in so they are a little fresher, i know sometimes they sit in the fridge for quite a while because people dont know we sell them. but i also use frozen blood worms with no issues as a treat, i dont think anything can be passed from worm to axie. if youre worried about the night crawlers you could blanch them in hot water before you feed them to kill the worm and get rid of any dirt and junk on it. i would stay away from the red wigglers because axies dont tend to like them. you could also try ghost shrimp because hes a bit bigger catching them might be easier. keep away from the feeder fish there, ive noticed the ones in my store come in with ick and problems sometimes. if youre going to put in some shrimp (not rock shrimp, too big) quarantine them first in another tank to rid any parasites that they might carry. amano shrimp and cherry shrimp will work too but i dont know if the states stores sell them (canada doesnt)
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