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Default Re: Need some general feeding advice.

I'm pretty sure at that size they can take a whole worm. It me being a paranoid axie mom and the fact that he looks disappointed if I give him too big of pieces I cut mine in thirds for my guy who is roughly the same size and then I cut the thirds in half for my 4 inch gfp Leucy. And as for the shrimp I'm probably gonna get scolded for saying this but I don't quarantine mine because I'm there to watch how they act and see if there issues with them and if the fish in those tanks look sketchy I won't buy them. I also have limited space for that so I get where you're coming from. I would keep an eye on the shrimp to see if there are any issues and maybe throw one or two in. Or if you have a quarantine tank at work throw them in there for a few days before you buy them. I don't know if it's just my store that has that though because we were converted from another chain store. Good luck!
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