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Default Re: White fungus on axolotl?

If your tank is cycled then doing 70-80% water changes is a little high. Try just 30% water changes and see how that goes. Since larger water changes can affect the cycle as it removes most the ammonia and nitrites which the good bacteria needs to feed off to stay alive. Your tank temperature is good.

Can you post your exact test results, and what test kit you use?

I cant quite make out anything white/fuzzy on the back of the head.. can you get a close up picture? And the marks on the back leg look like color pigmentation, but can't be 100% sure.

Fridging a salt baths are only needed if fungus has affected the Axolotl on a larger scale, salt baths are very irritating to the skin so shouldn't be done if not needed. Most of the time mild infections can be resolved by keeping your Axolotl is a separate container with 100% daily water changes with dechlorinated water.
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