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Question Feeding and housing of 9 day larvae

I have a brood (?) of larvae which hatched about 9 days ago. They are about 3/4 to an inch long. I've been reading the instructions on raising them, but I'm confused about a lot of the info there (they don't go into enough detail, at least for me).

How they are to be housed? I've been keeping them in a 5 gal aquarium with a mini HOB filter. I put a couple of fake plants in there to give them hiding places and shelter from any excess water flow. I know they have to be separated at some point, but at what size? How many axies per container? Do the larvae need to be sorted by size? And what type of container do you put them in? Do they need filtration? Air stone? Hiding places? I was thinking of putting them in plastic shoe boxes, but again, I don't know what else has to be in the tank or if it needs filtration or aeration.

Second issue is food. I've been encountering extreme problems trying to get my hands on some brine shrimp eggs! Despite the fact that I live in Canada's largest city, NO pet/fish shops carry BBS here unless they are several hours' journey away to the next city by public transit. Today it's -35 C here and I really don't want to make the trek by multiple buses and transit systems. I've tried twice to order the BBS online from different suppliers, and both times the couriers screwed up and either lost my package or delayed it by over a week.

I ran out of the BBS I had last night, and this morning I tried feeding them finely crushed axie pellets. It looked like they were feeding, but not as much as they usually do. I do have frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp, but I guess it's too early to feed those? At about an inch, are they big enough yet to eat non-live food?
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