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Default Re: Feeding and housing of 9 day larvae

I would have thought they are too young at that age to eat non-live food, so if they are eating any of the crushed pellets, kudos to you!

I was going to suggest that for fry that young that you can get away with a much simpler set-up. I keep my babies in small containers and gradually increase the size and number of containers as they get bigger. I don't use a filter and change all of the water twice a day (much easier than trying to get dead food out of a regular tank.) But since you are having trouble getting bbs, your set-up may be an advantage - the flow may be making the crushed pellets "move" a bit, making them look like live food. (This is just a guess.)

Keep a close eye on the ammonia and nitrite level in your tank, especially since the crushed pellets are likely to decay more quickly than the bbs.

When they are bigger, they need to be sorted by size.

Suggestion: Email the biology teachers at the local high schools and tell them you desperately need daphnia or bbs eggs, and do they know where you can get them? I found out recently that the local high school uses daphnia for some of their classes.
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