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Originally Posted by FrogEyes View Post
I doubt there's any progress. It's been several years so far for the python lawsuit. In both cases, USFWS is basically in the wrong, so I don't see the necessity of a lawsuit to prove it, except to formally acknowledge that there's no such law for people to violate. The Lacey Act does not prohibit interstate transport of injurious species. In fact, when the injurious species provisions were added/revised, the arguments [and subsequent wording of the Act] were to bar the commercial shipping [I think they intended to bar intentional movement, not accidental, and may not have considered the chance of people intentionally moving injurious species personally], and then only between Hawai'i, Puerto Rico, USVI, other ocean territories, and the mainland USA. It was not intended to bar movement of any kind within CONUS because injurious species could easily move between those states all on their own, and any such law would be pointless and unenforceable. USFWS has its stance and arguments to go with it, but the actual written law, congressional arguments preceding the law, and court precedence all disagree with their position.
But for some reason USFWS stilll can and will punish people for interstate transportation of said injurious species, right?
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