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I definitely agree that the USFWS does not have a leg to stand on. They do not have a legal basis of it so even if they tried to enforce it, they would not have an argument in court. What they are trying to do basically is bully people into not getting, or giving up their pets. This is a lot like the situation with mini potbelly pigs. Many people are bullied by their city government, etc. to try to get them them to give up their pet pig. Almost every time someone went to court over it, the case was dismissed because it is not illegal. This seems to be the case with the salamander ban. The Lacey Act states "any shipment between the continental United States, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any possession of the United States of [an injurious species] is hereby prohibited." According to this, all the states that make up the continental US are grouped together and counted as one, and because of that, interstate transport of states within the continental US is perfectly legal. Transport between any of the states in the continental US and for example, Hawaii, would be illegal though because Hawaii is not a part of the continental US.
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