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Default Re: "Firefly" Cell-transplanted A. mexicanum being made for the pet trade?

Originally Posted by IWishIWasAFish View Post
I think the knowledge gained about cell differentiation is useful and fascinating, though human cells may not work quite the same.

I find the glowing tailed axolotls a bit distressing, I think my moral objection is that it sounds like they took two embryos, grafted on the tail from the glowing one and then tossed the rest. It seems a bit of wasted life, but there wasn't any suffering and nature is full of amphibian embryo death. I don't like the injected fish either, but similarly don't have a strong argument against them.

One of the reasons I like axolotls as pets, and similarly like people keeping coral reef aquariums is that the multitude of small aquariums can be an ark for species that otherwise might dissapear. It seems to me that full body glow in the dark axolotls are not likely to survive in the wild, and thus would no longer serve that purpose, so that's an argument against them.

I think anything in the pet trade that doesn't create suffering and does provide an exotic pet without pulling one from the wild is likely a good thing.
Actually, in laboratories, I believe that this is what would normally be done, but if you read the update I posted recently from Lloyd Strohl, you'll see that he did this experiment without wasting any embryos, by swapping each embryo graft with another.

As far as axolotls in the pet trade go, none of them are technically suitable for release into the wild at this point, due to the many generations of breeding in captivity, and I believe that there are actually dedicated breeding projects going on in Mexico, by professional biologists, using wild caught individuals, so that they can be released into the wild if and when the water pollution and invasive species issue is ever resolved to the point that they can survive in the canals.

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