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I have mainly been posting on FB, but will post here since there hasn't been too much activity. I took the animals out of hibernation 2 weeks ago and built a 4 foot enclosure for them to allow for a lot of water that is deep enough, and an adequate land area. I've been letting the temperature gradually rise from around 8-10 to 15-16. This week I will be adding heat so half the tank is around 24-26 degrees (the other end will be cooler, and the water should remain cool). have 3.2 group, I have 2.2 in the tank and 1.0 by itself to try to beef it up a bit. I have been using a fogger and a pump to keep the land area wet, humidity high and simulate rain. The females have been going to the water a few times a day, the males however don't seem interested yet. Thanks to everyone who's contributed tips or tricks regarding parameters.
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