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Default Re: Help! i can't find my boy !

ok thank you stanleyc - the shame of it all is that was his tank set up for 9 months. the last week i had him he had a bad shed (a piece got stuck to him) and he wasn't eating well (and he was a great eater) - i went into over-protective worry mode. i went through all my books on keeping them and some said they need a filter (low power)... so i thought 'maybe my partial water changes aren't enough, i'll find him an extremely gentle filter and monitor him to see if its what he needs' then he escaped the first day i put the thing in. :<

i still can't figure out what it was that was initially bothering him (ph was good, ammonia was safe, there was no filter so no water flow, i did partial change 2x a week with zoomed conditioner, fed him the 'newt food pellets' the store owner raised them on...)
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