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Default Looking for ideas on amphibian (either caudata or anura)

Hello, I am moving soon and I am getting a new room with new carpet... So that being said, I had some questions.

First off, I lack common sense sometimes, so I was wondering if anyone knew a way to do water changes and stuff without spilling water in the carpet. The carpet is brand new, and unluckily I am the only room with it (sigh).

So I was hoping to get an amphibian that is generally cleaner to keep... I still love laevis but I don't know how to keep them without messing up my rug. I am a bit of a klutz so I am looking for a fool proof method... I don't really know how to keep them in either.

The most space I could use is a 30gallon. Thing is, underneath the carpet is a wooden floor and underneath that is the basement...

I am not sure how much weight the floor can support. So I am hoping to keep it on the lighter side.

I wanted to keep a trio of ACF or those weird Spanish Ribbed Newts

I like how they have their tank but I highly doubt you could do that with an ACF and it would be too messy-- they kick up too much sand and mess things up.

How do you keep the water quality clean? Like crystal clear, the way videos show.

I also like terrestrial amphibians but they're not so active and salamanders I rarely see... so land salamanders would likely interest me less.

I don't mind that a toad is inactive and same with something like a pacman frog-- because at least I can see them for the most part. I just wanted some display. For a terrarium, the largest I'd keep is one 40gallon terrarium(breeder ones) or one of those exoterras or w/e.

P.s. I like these too because it combines the best of both worlds- the chubby look of a toad and the look of an AFC

Though I think they're less active- they're more visible.

Still I have no clue how to keep those.

I am still iffy about keeping reptiles or amphibians because anytime I follow some guide, my stuff ends up dead within the year(not all). I sometimes even listened to other members of other forums. But the information is not set in stone so I don't know what is what...

Still I was hoping to keep something like the laevis or if terrestrial something visible
(or partially) but whatever I keep has to be known for being healthy.

I feel that maybe my stuff was getting sick because of where I got them from. (specialty petstores around here), or maybe it's the food that had something wrong with them...

Which brings me to another thing, I love laevis because you can stick to a pellet diet and it would be fine. (I still gave mine a mix of pellets with other things like wax worms, earthworms-- the nightcrawlers you get from walmart)

I just want to find the a guide that is fool proof and accurate...

Thing is, whatever I keep needs to stay in its enclosure...
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