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Default Re: Looking for ideas on amphibian (either caudata or anura)

Originally Posted by Otterwoman View Post
I would put a large piece of plastic down around the tank (permanently) if you have to keep it on a rug and are concerned about ruining the rug.
How would you transfer the water though when doing water changes, or even draining the tank- without again ruining the rug? Could you show me a picture of what you mean about the permanent plastic? I didn't want to add anything to the house or mess with the walls if that makes sense.

What can I keep in a 30gallon aquarium? I like african clawed frogs, spanish ribbed newts, axolotls(illegal here, along any other larval stage newt/salamander), budgett's frogs, pacman frogs, giant pixie frogs(but eh kind of intimidated by the care, and the fact they poop a ton), american toads, small long lived toads, frogs would be appreciated, or aquatic newts/salamanders, and frogs.

Just has to be clean to keep and lack of odor.

Once had a cane toad and day 2 it lay a big "present" and it reeked, I had to scoop it out quickly, never had that issue with american toads, african claweds.
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