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Default Re: Looking for ideas on amphibian (either caudata or anura)

Originally Posted by Otterwoman View Post
I'm thinking about thick clear painter's plastic, that comes in rolls, just spread it over your tank area with generous margins.Or a cool camo tarp. Or a very large waterproof mat of some kind, permanently placed under the tank. Just envision it over your wall-to-wall like a permanent area accent rug. For water changes, just be careful, use buckets and a siphon and be careful while siphoning into buckets that you don't splash it all over, and if you do, it lands on the plastic anyway. Don't let your cat or dog or ferrets run around knocking over buckets while you're siphoning/filling them (I speak from experience with the ferrets part). I use (used and cleaned) cat litter containers to age water and add back to m tanks every week (I refill them after my water changes, and they have a week to age). You can dump the used water into your kitchen sink if you don't have a yard, and refill them from your sink as well.
The tarp idea sounds good. The bucket idea not so much- as that's what I used to use... Even with a lot of care water would end up splashing onto the ground that way. I was hoping to see if I can make a siphon that's long enough that I could dump the water into the shower as to avoid direct messes.
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