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Default Re: Looking for ideas on amphibian (either caudata or anura)

Originally Posted by ndbug View Post
Hi, you mentioned that you have a hard time keeping pets alive, once you choose the perfect match for you make sure you read up on literally everything you can find about the species you choose. There are many factors that need to be met to keep your animal healthy depending on what it is, this can be food, lighting, temperature, water access, substrates, decorations, and so on. Once you decide what your going to keep let us know on forums so we can send you good info/experiences/links. Good Luck!
To be honest, I think half of it is the source of where I even got my stuff from. Some was from chain petstores, some from local petstores which some were found to be nefarious....

Some where from online and it's all so confusing because you can't tell which source is a good source... I suspect that from having a few different animals, getting them from certain sources probably got them sick or something.

I've had a cane toad from a local pet store that the day I brought it home, it threw up and died. The very "colorful" individuals would not accept a return because the animal was dead...

I don't really know who to trust. This is a dumb idea and I wouldn't do this as this is a joke but... I think I'd have much luck catching my own frog/newt or whatever than just buying it... that's how bad it is because I don't think an animal should die the very first day you get it unless you like purposely tried to kill it... Things like disease take time to build up.

I also don't know which source of information is wrong... because the internet apparently never lies(also a joke) and is full of "experts"...

I am going on here because I feel there should be some successful keepers.
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