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Default Re: Looking for ideas on amphibian (either caudata or anura)

Originally Posted by stanleyc View Post
Once you've decided on a species, check out this page if you decide on a caudate. More likely than not, it should have a caresheet for your species. Should help in making up your mind on a species as well, reading up on them.

Caudata Culture Caresheets

You should also look at these articles for general info on housing, illnesses, and food options.

Caudata Culture Articles

If possible, avoid petshop animals. They're often wild caught and cared for by people who don't actually know what they're doing. So you will often get unhealthy animals. There is a for sale section on this forum where you may be able to get some captive bred animals. However, there is currently a ban on interstate transport of many caudate species. There has been a recent ruling on it that might invalidate the ban, but I'm not sure if the details are in yet.
Ugh is it the PETA crud? I have to censor myself because this is a family forum but honestly they're a bunch of idiots who probably think lions should be eating grasses and not fed meat. :l They're the kind of idiots who want to abolish the pet trade- including keeping dogs, abolishing things like dairy cows, egg laying hens, etc... and probably want you to turn into a vegetarian.

In short they're the worst, they're radicals to say the least. I've heard of their little escapades...

Anywho... I am not really sure on what I want 100% yet. Does this only apply to caudata? Or does it apply to the whole reptile hobby?
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