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My tiger salamanders (Ambystoma tigrinum) have bred! Finally after waiting for this day for 4 years . I had not checked the outdoor vivarium in over a week when i discovered the eggs today. It is quite cold these days (and i didn't believe they would breed under these conditions) - air temperature drops below 0C at night. The water temperature is now at 6,5C after an hour of sunshine (but as i am writing this, it is snowing!). I am concerned that the eggs will die after several nighths with frost. Should i move the eggs inside or can they survive the cold (i guess the water temperature drops to about 2-3C at night)? As far as i am informed the salamanders come from a northern locality in the US.

First picture shows the breeding tub i made a month ago - it is placed inside the outdoor vivarium. The other years i moved the salamanders to a breeding tub outside the vivarium and that was never a succes.
The other pictures shows the eggs.

Best regards
Mathias Holm

I was too nervous, so i took some of them inside - aprox. 50 eggs, still a lot more in the breeding tub and the females are still in the water . What is the max temperature i should incubate the eggs at? It is 20C where i placed them now - is that alright? The outdoor vivarum is now covered in transparent tarpaulin - i plan to keep it that way until the weekend were it will be warmer again.

Picture: Some of the eggs i took inside

Best regards
Mathias Holm
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