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Unhappy Sick Axolotl


Around April 26-28th, i brought home a new axolotl, hoping to make him friends with my other axolotl Arlo. I named the new axolotl Milo. Milo and Arlo seemed to do fine the first day besides feeding time when i fed Milo. Arlo nipped at Milo once but i just assumed it was because Arlo was hungry. Moving on, I started feeding them worms and they loved them the first night they had them, but they stopped eating them a couple days after. I tried bloodworms and pellets as well, but neither of them ate. I felt like something was wrong but I just kept telling myself they were not hungry. I still put bloodworms in the aquarium for them. Fast forward, Milo has something on his gills. It looks like an old pellet, and honestly I wasnt sure if I should mess with it or not, because it was on his gills. I left it for a couple more days until i took it out. When i went to take it out, I took some of his gills out as well, assuming it wouldnt have been a big deal due to their regenoration. It has been two days, and I just found Milo dead. There are so many ways he could have died. The thing on his gills might have been a fungus he already had, or maybe he starved, or maybe Milo and Arlo fought, or maybe the tank wasnt clean enough. I have no idea what could have caused his death, because there are so many factors that go into this. After seeing what has happened to Milo, im paying more aftention to Arlo and im scared im going to lose him too. Hes definitely not as big as he used to be, and he still wont eat. Im really unsure of what my next step should be. Im running out of time, please help. Another thing i should add is that I have 3 hiding places and a 75 gallon tank so I dont think they really fought. I would love to post pictures but I dont know how to post pictures off my phone. PLEASE HELP. Thank you
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