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Default Re: Optimal temperature for tiger salamander eggs?

Hello Paul

Thank you very much for your reply! The dark salamanders are from Illinois and they are undoubtedly A. tigrinum - i have 2 of them. The other ones i'm not completely sure about since they was bought as A. tigrinum at Hamm in 2012 - it was a friend that bought them for me. Here is a picture of the specimens - if it is indeed A. mavortium i would be glad to get that confirmed. Wouldn't want to sell them under wrong species name. The ones from Illinois are the one in the top and the one in the bottom (it seems the picture gets rotated when uploading. If that is still the case when this is posted, the ones from Illinois are the one to the far left and the one to the far right).

I only saw the possible A. mavortium in the tub during the breeding period, but that of course does not completely rule out hybdridism (although i hope that is not the case). I will keep you updated with photos during the whole period.

Looking forward to your opinion.

Best regards
Mathias Holm
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