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Default Re: Optimal temperature for tiger salamander eggs?

Originally Posted by MarioR View Post
Hi Mathias,

the one bottom right doesn't look typical for this strain. I bred this strain several times and never had animals like this one.
Maybe a picture of this individual without any dirt might help to tell what it is.

In 2012 there were only very few "Illinois" animals around. Are yours wild caught or bred by an (east) european breeder?

Hello Mario.

Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry if i didn't express myself properly. What i meant was, that i have 2 specimens from Illinois, and those are not from 2012, but 2013 as far as i remember. They were bred by Soe from this forum. I have attached a picture where the 2 specimens is shown in red to avoid confusion. . Both are males.

Originally Posted by AmbystoMan View Post
the 2 salamanders from the middle are, according to me, Ambystoma mavortium melanostictum...

as I said previously, your eggs look like A mavortium...

don't you see which female lay eggs ?

Hello again.

Interesting, then it seems they were sold to me under wrong species name I'm quite sure that the female that laid eggs is the one shown in the video in one of my previous replies (you get a good look at 0:44 in the video). But since they were captive bred and sold together, all of them should be the same species.

I have attached some better pictures of the salamanders. The first pictures shows 3 different specimens photographed today during feeding. The one eating the worm is one of the specimens you said looked like A. mavortium melanostictum. The last 2 pictures shows the specimens as juveniles in 2012 after i bought them. Actually quite interesting to see how much they have changed appearance since then

Best regards
Mathias Holm
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