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Default Water snowball -gymnocoronis spilanthoides

I recently gutted my 29g dirt/soil w/sand cap planted tank and went for a bare bottom with a few glass pyrex containers with soil/sand cap for a few "rooted" plants.

In one of the containers I planted some Water Snowball or Gymnocoronis Splianthoides. I've never heard of the plant before. I came across it on EBay and it seemed nice looking and inexpensive. Everything I could find online said it was a march plant that does well submerged so I figured I'd give it a try.

I'm hoping it will help with water quality and be a nice bushy plant for my notos to disappear into when it's not feeding time and they want to chill. I didn't see any posts about this plant so I figured I'd start a thread to share how it goes and see if anyone else have used this plant and wants to share their experience.

I've had a lot of issues with plants lately and noticed my tap water went from a pH in the low 8s to being in the high 6s after the town did some work on the water system in my area so I figured I'd try some different plants than those that seemed to be strongholds for me in the past.

Attached is a picture of it in my tank. ...just can't get it to upload without being sideways.
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