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Default Re: Water snowball -gymnocoronis spilanthoides

I had 2 newts that I've had for years die a few weeks ago, which was about 3 weeks after I added this plant to the aquarium. That was the only change I made to the setup and water parameters and temp didn't change.

I can't say it was the plant but I felt it was too much of a coincidence and the way the plant was growing made me this it wanted to be emerse. So I pulled the plug because of that and because I was f'ing pissed 2 newts died. Haven't had any issues since. All the other newts seem healthy, hungry and active.

I can't say it was this type of plant or my specific source that as the issue, but it wasn't worth crossing my fingers and hoping it wasn't a problem. If everything remains ok in the tank I'll be very hesitant to try an oddball plant in the future. Just not worth it. Healthy newts with hornwort or some other "basic" plant is good enough. Health newts w/ healthy plants is all one can ask you. The newts don't care how 'cool' the plants are.
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